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teh meli with teh muffins

Winners: 'Houjou Satoko'

Here are the winners for week 25! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted. ^^ A special congrats to our winners, who are...

First Place:

(by anonymous_proxy)

Second Place:

(by lassos)

Third Place AND Best Emotion:

(by nomadskye)

Mod's Choice:

(by mojo_king_bee)
Reason: I wonder what the Japanese on it means, 'cause I like how well it fits with the mood of the image you used. You also mentioned that you edited off the blood, and you did a pretty good job, because I can't even tell there used to be blood in her hair and such. :o

psyches, you're the banner maker this week! If you can't do them for some reason, let me know. :) The new theme (Week 26: Weaponry) has already been posted!
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